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The Index – a key to unlock TAH

A downloadable PDF to search and find TAH articles

The Aviation Historian is by its nature a source of reliable and authoritative reference, and we want the information it contains to be as accessible to readers as it can possibly be. Hence, as each successive issue is produced, we update our ever-expanding index – viewable and downloadable as a PDF file (see below). It is a "global" index, in other words it covers the whole run of TAH to date in a single list, rather than just one issue or one year at a time.

Best of all, the index is completely free to all visitors to this website, so you can download it at any time. If you are already a reader or subscriber, you can use it to search the issues you own; and if you’re not yet a reader or subscriber, you can use it to pinpoint information in TAH before buying issues from our shop.

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