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The Aviation Historian
The modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying
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In the current issue:

'The Original Photo Bombers – The Boeing RB-29 & the birth of strategic air command global reconnaissance' (double-page spread)

A Missed Opportunity? The tantalising possibility of a truly long-rane PR Spitfire (double-page spread)

The Golden Age? (double-page spread)

A Question of Calibre – Why did the RAF persist with the 0.303in Machine-gun? (double-page spread)

Victor/Martel – from V-Bomber to Wild Weasel? (double-page spread)

Out of the Ashes
Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS turns his attention to the political dynamics behind the development of the Panavia MRCA, the international effort that would become Tornado

Last Days of the Cannon Birds
The Junkers Ju 87G was designed specifically to counter Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front — but by April 1945 it was too little, too late, as Dr Andrew Arthy relates

Hunter 80, Part 2: The AGM-65B Maverick
Concluding his two-part series on Switzerland’s “Hunter 80” upgrade programme, Peter Lewis takes a look at the venerable Hawker fighter’s rearming with the Maverick air-to-ground missile, including a stunning photo-foldout

Aces High
Technical illustrator and aero-engine specialist Ugo Vicenzi chronicles the history of Italian manufacturer Isotta Fraschini’s ubiquitous Asso series of “modular” engines

Rhodesia’s Bush Eagles
Guy Ellis opens a two-part series on the fascinating activities of the British South Africa Police Reserve Air Wing, staffed by civilians flying privately-owned aircraft

Bringing Africa Together, Part 1
Airline historian Maurice Wickstead charts the genesis and early years of Ethiopian Air Lines, which in partnership with TWA created one of Africa’s most successful carriers

Far-flung Flycatcher
In 1929 a sole example of the Fairey Flycatcher naval biplane was sent to Argentina for trials; Ricardo M. Lezon and Matthew Willis use newly found documents to fill in the details of this little-known Latin American adventure

American Aviators in Japan, Part 2
In the second of his two articles on American aviation pioneers in Japan, Edward M. Young focuses the spotlight on Art Smith, Katherine Stinson and Frank Champion

Sweden’s Caribbean Connection
In the mid-1950s Sweden became an important supplier of both expertise and flying hardware to the Dominican Republic’s fledgling air arm, as Leif Hellström explains

Short’s Empire Landplane
Famous for its iconic series of pre-war flying-boats, Short Bros, led by designer Arthur Gouge, also designed a landplane airliner; Ralph Pegram investigates the S.32

Wings over Baghdad
Established as a British-mandated territory in 1920, Iraq quickly set about developing its own air power; Lennart Andersson surveys the first two decades of the Royal Iraqi Air Force, obliged to “buy British” (but didn’t always . . .)

Augusto Severo: Conqueror of the Winds
Captivated by birdflight and inspired by the advances being made by pioneers of lighter-than-air flying in France, Brazilian Augusto Severo became determined to make a success of his semi-rigid airship designs or die trying; sadly, it was the latter, as Rodrigo Mouri Visoni relates


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