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In the current issue:

The Case for Appeasement? (double-page spread)

Making a Pig's Ear from a Silk Purse...? (double-page spread)

RAF Far Esat Flight (Pt 1: UK – Singapore) (double-page spread)

From Skate to Dart (double-page spread)

Channel Hopping (double-page spread)

The Case for Appeasement?
Greg Baughen digs deep into the archives to reveal how a pair of “dodgy dossiers” commissioned by the British in 1938 to assess Germany’s strategic bombing capability may have led to appeasement at Munich that September

The Viscount Comes to America Pt 2
Commercial aviation specialist David H. Stringer continues his three-part series on the trio of American airlines that bought the state-of-the-art propliner direct from Vickers with Continental Airlines and its “Jet Power Viscount IIs”

The Soviet Sam-Jammer
In 1970 the Soviet Air Force introduced a specialised electronic-countermeasures variant of its Yakovlev Yak-28 bomber – the Yak-28PP – into service. Babak Taghvaee chronicles its 25-year career in the USSR and Ukraine

Berlin or Bust
In the second article in his three-part chronological series on the wartime use of air transport by the Axis forces – or lack thereof – Ray Flude details Japan’s first and only attempt to get a delegation to Berlin by air in 1943

Making a Pig’s Ear from a Silk Purse . . . ?
Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS takes an in-depth look at the political aspects of Britain’s procurement of the USA’s F-4 Phantom – and why deciding to fit the homegrown Spey engine caused severe headaches in Whitehall

Fill ’Er Up!
Brian Gardner profiles the use of three Handley Page Harrows by Flight Refuelling Ltd during 1938–40 to investigate – and accomplish – the world’s first commercial service employing air-to-air refuelling

RAF Far East Flight Pt 1: UK–Singapore
In December 1928 four Southampton flying-boats of the RAF’s Far East Flight completed a remarkable 27,500-mile cruise from the UK to the Far East and Australia. Trevor Lipscombe celebrates the 90th anniversary of the FEF’s epic feat with the first half of a two-part article on the tour

Tragique – The Sud-Est SE.1010
French aviation historian Joël Mesnard tells the short, tragic story of the elegant – but dangerously unstable – one-off SNCASE SE.1010 four-engined survey aircraft

From Skate to Sea Dart
Convair’s 1950s XF2Y Sea Dart waterborne jet fighter is relatively well-known; what is not is the extensive research path taken by the company to get there. Matthew Willis examines the obscure Skate, Cudda and Betta projects

Channel-Hopping with BEA
The John Stroud Archive series continues with a whistlestop tour of the Channel Islands made by John aboard a BEA Dragon Rapide in April 1947, as Nick Stroud relates

The Melon Run
In 1965 McAlpine Aviation staff pilot Ed Wild was tasked with organising a ferry flight of four de Havilland Doves and two Herons from Jordan back to the UK – in formation


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