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John Cunningham interviewed on Comet 3 flight deckFocus of attention:
test pilot John
Cunningham and
Comet 3 on tour

Pair of Douglas Skyraisers in flightSub-Saharan Sky- raiders in combat: the Presidential Guard of Gabon

Westland Wyvern displays dual propellers on the groundDouble vision:
test-running the
Westland Wyvern

Damaged Nimrod fuselage partially submergedDown in the drink: pilot describes SIGINT Nimrod ditching

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Spread &ndash Proof Positive

Spread &ndash TSR.2’s Company

Spread &ndash Tunnel Vision

Spread – Off to Butlin’s

Spread – “Very Nearly a Good Aeroplane . . .”

Proof Positive
Using rare and previously unseen photographs from the BAE Systems archive, Colin Higgs invites us aboard de Havilland Comet 3 G-ANLO on its 1955 world sales tour

What is Rechlin 104?
In late 1942 Allied photo-reconnaissance revealed the existence of a “peculiar-shaped cargo ’plane” at German airfields. What was it? Chris Gibson investigates . . .

TSR.2’s Company
British Cold War aviation specialist Tony Buttler takes an in-depth look at the P.1129, Hawker’s promising candidate for Specification GOR.339 – what would become TSR.2

Crossing the Deep
85 years ago Norwegian aviator Alf Gunnestad made the first direct flight from Oslo to London in a Lockheed Vega; Rob Mulder celebrates a Norwegian aviation milestone

Tunnel Vision
In the second part of his TAH trilogy on aerodynamic developments, Matt Bearman explores wing-root drag and how extensive windtunnel work helped solve the problem

All The President’s Men
Staffed mainly by former French Air Force pilots, the Air Squadron of the Gabonese Presidential Guard flew Skyraiders in combat in Chad, as Arnaud Delalande relates

A Lot Less Bother by Hover!
Eric Bryan profiles the history of San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines, one of the few commercial helicopter operations to make a living from passenger services

The Walrus in Argentina
During 1939–52 Argentina’s Aviación Naval operated ten Supermarine Walruses; Ricardo M. Lezon provides the most detailed account of their careers yet published

Off to Butlin’s
Our regular series based on previously unpublished rolls of film taken by aviation journalist John Stroud continues with a bracing visit to Butlin’s airfield at Skegness in 1950

“Very Nearly a Good Aeroplane . . .”
Matthew Willis unearths a sequence of rare photographs of the second Westland Wyvern prototype having its Rolls-Royce Eagle engine run up at Merryfield in 1947

What a Woman!
Largely unsung in her lifetime, Janet Ferguson was one of Britain’s most experienced and distinguished civil pilots; Richard T. Riding and Adèle Stephenson chronicle the flying career of this adaptable “Jan of all trades”

The Fall of Damien
In May 1995 Nimrod R.1 XW666 was forced to ditch in the North Sea during a test flight; Lewis Gaylard spoke to pilot Flt Lt Art Stacey, who recalls the day’s hair-raising events

Sydney Camm’s Long-Lost Triplane
In a dusty Devon bookshop, Philip Jarrett discovers a previously unseen early design by Hawker’s creative genius