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VC10Elegance comes with a price-tag: how politics shaped the Vickers VC10

Catch-22Why Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 nailed the experience of war

Zaire pilotAfrican Mirages: the career of the Dassault fighter in Zaïre’s air force

Pilot in plus-foursI say, chaps! Plus- fours and argyle socks on a grand day out in Belgium

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Spread – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Spread – Defending the Reich: Part 2

Spread – The Speckled Trout from Moses Lake

Spread – Mirage au Congo

Spread - Unlucky 13

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS continues his series on the political aspects of Britain’s post-war aircraft industry with BOAC’s troubled procurement of the Vickers VC10

A Grand Day Out at Château d’Ardenne
In 1930 a former Belgian royal castle was the setting for a spiffingly social aerial weekend, as Nick Stroud explains

National Treasure?
Graham Skillen laments the fate of most of the once-mighty Hawker Sea Furies he photographed awaiting disposal at Lossiemouth in the early 1960s

Defending the Reich: Part 2
Luftwaffe specialist Robert Forsyth’s three-part series on the work of wartime experimental unit E.Kdo 25 continues with its investigation into towed bombs and “fire-clouds”

The Speckled Trout from Moses Lake
Former Boeing RC-135 pilot Robert Hopkins III details the long career of the much-travelled KC-135 used by General Curtis LeMay and others to set a number of world records

An Eye For Detail: The Italian Job
Juanita Franzi continues her series on notable airframes with an Ansaldo Balilla much flown by Eddie Rickenbacker

Mirage au Congo
Dassault’s distinctive delta-winged jet fighter served – and saw combat – with the Force Aérienne Zaïroise during 1975–88, as Arnaud Delalande reveals

Unlucky 13
Dutch aviation historian Nico Braas charts the development of one of Fokker’s rare misadventures – the post-war S.13 twin-engined trainer, of which only one was built

Ted Baker & National Airlines
Award-winning airline historian David H. Stringer profiles the pugnacious George E. “Ted” Baker, owner and tyrant-in-chief of the Florida-based National Airlines

The Shot of a Lifetime
We take a look at the story behind a well-known Hunter picture – and how it almost cost the photographer his life

The Real Catch-22
Pavel Türk chronicles the wartime combat career of Joseph Heller, whose 1961 novel Catch-22 drew heavily on his experiences as a B-25 bombardier in Italy

Hillson’s Horrible Helvellyn
Using two recently rediscovered 1940 flying reports, Philip Jarrett discovers why only one Hillson Helvellyn was built

Arctic Assignment
Our regular series based on newly-discovered rolls of film taken by aviation journalist John Stroud continues with visits to Finland in 1949–56 by John and his wife Patricia

Just Add Water
Bill Harrison recalls making the first night alighting in a flying-boat in the UK since the end of the war – or was it?